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Guestbook Entries from 2007

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12/28/2007 Connie Higgins
12/12/2007 Linda Hansen

Cherie and her shelter are truly a blessing. An older mare had been left at the boarding facility by her owner who was moving out of state. The owner indicated she didn't want to put the mare down, but couldn't move her either so she would continue to pay outside board for her and let the facility owner take care of her. Unfortunately, the owner did not keep up with her promise and the mare was abandoned. Being older she needed a extra TLC that most outside horses do not receive. Cherie stepped in and said she would take the mare. Last I have heard, the mare is looking great and getting the extra TLC she deserves in her later years. Thank you so much!

11/29/2007 Robbie Hiltz

Wonderful website, and an even better cause. It seems like the dogs and cats have champions to look out for them, and it is nice to see that the horses have you and your crew. Hope you all have a happy holiday, and a very slow new year, with little or no need of your services.

11/26/2007 Shelly & Chris Samuel

We have appreciated the wonderful quality care you have given our horses in the years we have boarded at your place. It is wonderful to see that your hard work for the shelter has become a reality. You are a God sent for those horses who find themselves in need of some TLC. As we are in the midst of the holidays, we will be sure to remember the shelter in our annual donation plans. Keep up the good work. Many horses will not be able to live without it.

11/20/2007 Diane and Pat Curran

No one we know are more capable and caring than you and Ron. We plan on stopping by sometime before Christmas. We'll bring as many of our grandchildren as we can round up. (Nicky is still living in Duluth.) We'll call before we come. Happy Thanksgiving and Bless You All! Dee and Pat Curran

11/18/2007 Michael D. Hintz

Keep up the great work. You are doing a great thing. It is wonderful that you have this shelter. It sadden's me that people can neglect such a wonderful animal. You have a huge heart.

11/16/2007 Rita Losee

Cheri! How wonderful to see pictures of your dream come true! Great job. Congratulations and BEST wishes, Rita

11/16/2007 Karl Schultz
11/16/2007 Julia Behrenbeck

Hi Cherie, We were so happy to find a good home for our daughter's TB who needed to retire. You took good care of him and found him a wonderful home. You also gave an awesome talk to our pony club in SE Minnesota on horse/trailer safety and rescue. Thank you so much and we wish you all the best.

11/15/2007 Tom Westphal

Cherie, Glad to see your using your love of animals to help out ! I know you will do an excellent job and the horses will be well taken care of. Best wishes and blessings to you and those helping you !

11/15/2007 Lucille

Am happy to have found your website. It says it all and I have a friend who will like to view it, as well!

11/15/2007 Carolyn Allshouse

Cherie, Your dedication and commitment to horse rescue and safety is un-matched. You are such an asset to the whole community. Thanks for your hard work. Carolyn

11/15/2007 Sue McDonough

Thank you for all the kindness your organization contributes to the horse industry in Minnesota. Keep it up. Glad to be a part of it. Sue

11/15/2007 John & Adele Kieffer

We so much admire & applaud your efforts! Best wishes with everything that you do!

11/14/2007 Linda Johnsen

I found out about your rescue from Daryl Smoliak and hope to help with the OTTB program thru Canterbury Downs next year. Your website is great and thanks for all you are doing! Am mailing my donation check tomorrow.