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12/29/2008 suzan polivka

thank you for being so kind to me when I visited your farm, was feeling so sad after the loss of my horse, was nice to see so many unwanted horses being so lovingly cared for

12/28/2008 Laura Kroll

I loved it at Sundown Horse Farm! It was a very welcoming place and had amazing animals. I got to clean stalls and brush a beautiful paint named Dottie Rose. Cherie's dogs are smart, loyal, and very cute! Cherie loves all her animals and makes sure they have the best care. Sundown Horse Farm is a great place to be.

12/28/2008 Nikki Elvig

This place is amazing!!! It is very clean and all the horses look great. All the animals are very respectful and the dogs are so much fun!! We helped clean stalls and groomed Dottie Rose who looks like she was never a rescue!! We then went inside and had some hot chocolate where we watched Memphs hold his bunny!!!! He is so gentle with it and loves to give it kisses. Cherine really has a way with animals and they all love her :D

12/26/2008 krispecht

I found your website because of an ad you had in the Mpls. paper a few wks. ago,i'am wondering if you have any horses up for adoption now ? Thanks,kris

12/17/2008 Rae and Thomas Chalmer

Hello, We have made a donation in honor of Kristen Chalmers to loves horses. Keep up the good and very important work that you do. Rae and Tom

12/16/2008 Vicki Swanson

I read the article in the paper 12/16 Will be in touch. I am in Delano & I know there are people who like to help.

11/18/2008 Ali Boryczka

My Parents bought Simba for me and he is in training... I also started riding him.

10/24/2008 Christine Wehling

Cherie has a gift with animals, and a real knowledge of the best care they should receive. That's how at her barn, the horses get along with the cats, who get along with the dogs, who get along with the bunnies, etc! She can get a rescued animal in tip top shape in no time, physically and mentally. She is fair but firm, so that the animals quickly learn that they are loved but have some boundaries. Just like for kids, it makes them feel safe and turns them into balanced living beings. I am proud and honored to be part of the shelter adventure. Thanks Cherie

10/1/2008 Nan Bruno

You're an angel. I hope you're able to get some help with Neuter Commuter. Love those animals!

9/26/2008 Ken Palmer

Thanks for the opportunity to volunteer, I really enjoy it.

9/22/2008 horse_love

Thank you for all you do!

8/30/2008 Stillwater Equestrian

Thank you so much for letting us come out and volunteer at your shelter. We had a great time digging in the dirt. We will be back to help you and your lovely herd real soon! We all talked about how well the horses looked and how great it is that you donate your time and love to these horses that need help. We commend you for your efforts. Keep it up!!!

8/13/2008 Chris

Just wanted to put in a plug for fostering for Sundown. We are currently caring for Dottie-Rose, one of the paint mares rescued this winter, and it couldn't have been easier. Cherie did a beautiful job matching us with a horse in need and it's been wonderful seeing this little filly blossom with good feed, gentle care, and lots of love. I would recommend it to anyone. Keep up the good work, Cherie!

8/13/2008 Mary Clark

Interesting Stuff!!

8/11/2008 madison

i love the idea of helping horses in need. keep up the great work. sincerly madison age 10

6/4/2008 Pam Stephenson

I met your friend Kathy at my niece Lisa Miserendino's wedding and she told me about your group. I have a rescued Saddlebred gelding 18 years old that is the sweetest horse.

6/4/2008 cheryl bird


6/1/2008 Tom Blanchard

Have had the pleasure of meeting the Pres and all she talks about is the animals she has come to love and raise. Keep up the God Work!

5/25/2008 Lee the Horselogger

I stayed with Cheri and Ron in March 2007 and want to check in with everyone in Minnesota with a big yee haw! www.leehorselogger.com

5/24/2008 Allison Shilts

I really enjoyed the visit to your rescue with my classmates from Globe University. It was a wonderful learning experience! Thanks

5/14/2008 K.C.

I have never found such wonderful people to work with in such a traumatic time with a family pet/member. Thanks so much for all of your wonderful kindness and understanding. K.C.

5/12/2008 Robert

I had looked at stables over the course of a few weekends/weekdays and had come to find out that there are a good amount of places out there that really do not have a real commitment to horses. I ended up at Sundown and was completely stuck by the commitment of Cherie and her love for horses, her hard work, and being out there involved in horse rescue. I was also stuck by the complete honesty, as well as the dedication of her and the volunteers and their openness to speak with me. After my search I had finally came upon a stable, owner, and staff that I knew within my heart would be the best place to be involved with.

4/20/2008 AnnaLou Bushma

Cherie, I am so proud of you and all that you've become and accomplished. All my love, AnnaLou

4/20/2008 Catherine Jaeger

Cherie, You've always been an energetic and creative force. The large animals and people who love them are so lucky to have you. Love, Caj

4/20/2008 Jenna

Hello...great to see you!

4/20/2008 Denise Warehime

With all of your forces I know you will help the horses!! Best of Luck with the Farm it is very needed. Denise

4/20/2008 Bill & Dorothy Hintz

hehaw horseys we see on the shelter ranch of Cherie McKenzie. Good luck and keep up the great work! Love, Mom & Dad

4/20/2008 Kim Hamilton

Hi Cherie, You have such an amazing way with animals and your passion and care for your horses is contagious! I love coming out to the farm! Thank you for all that you do! Love,Kim

4/20/2008 jaime

proud of my auntie and her horses! =]

4/17/2008 Sue Hervig

My daughters, Savannah (8) and Alexandra (6) have recently become sponsors of a couple of horses at the shelter. We saw a flyer, stopped in to visit and were able to tour the farm and meet the horses we chose to sponsor. We are looking forward to getting more hands on this summer when they are out of school. Cherie McKenzie is doing a great thing by taking in all the horses in need and we'll do what we can to help these animals. It's also a great way to teach our kids empathy, hard work and the gift of giving. Horses are so loving and it seems they say "thank you" with their big eyes. Sue Hervig

4/3/2008 Justin

Cherie's love and passion is well needed to horses and animals.

3/3/2008 Tomas Gimenez, www.tla

I received the article on the horse rescue from Clearwater Creek. Looks like everybody did a great job getting the horse out. I'm glad they didn't pull him by the neck.

3/1/2008 Gianna Ianos

Please show your support at my FairyBliss Book Signing. @ The Chocolate Spoon Cafe 2202 5& Banning, Wbl.55110 651-426-3299 April 17th 4-8:00 pm I will be donating 5% of Sales to her Wonderful Cause! Free gifts with purchase while they last!!!

2/29/2008 Holly Statt

Heard about your shelter from one of your volunteers and then read the article in the White Bear Press. I'm so glad to hear about what you're doing to help horses! Keep up the good work!

2/22/2008 Sawyer Family

Thank you for providing a lovely place for horses.

2/20/2008 Carrie Brummer

Cherie, Had to let you know how much I enjoyed our conversation-you are truly a gift to our beloved four legged friends. I appreciate your passion and vision and look forward to working with you and your wonderful group. Look forward to meeting with in the very near future.. Bless You!..CB

2/12/2008 Mary Hartman

"Love", a word associated with a feeling, is really an action word. Thank you for appreciating the gifts horses bring to our lives with your acts of love, especially toward those animals from whom you expect nothing. My 14 year old daughter would call this the gift of "la bella vita" - a beautiful life.

2/10/2008 Audrey Reynolds
1/2/2008 Jodie Guareschi

Cherie, Just found this email in my inbox it was received before I started using this computer and I just wanted to thank you again for the training you gave us at the Fire Department. It was invaluable and will stay with me personally forever as will the look on ANNIE'S horsey face when we pulled her out of the creek. Thanks to you, we had the confidence and knowledge to get her out of such a terrible situation. Have a wonderful 2008 to you and your family and most of all, all your very lucky horses. Jodie. Hugo Fire Department